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The War on Virginia and West Virginia Coal (and Uranium) Just Beginning

If your a Virginian that cares about your state, you should learn about the various out of state political players that participated in the most recent elections and who will keep meddling in Virginia matters in the future. For example, there is the center-left billionaire California hedge fund environmentalist, Tom Steyer. Steyer used our state as a political laboratory for radical environmentalism.

Steyer’s mission:

From the start, Steyer’s campaign had two stated goals: electing Democrat Terry McAuliffe as the governor of Virginia, and creating a case study for making climate change an issue in high-profile elections …

How radical are these folks?:

“If they don’t believe climate change is real, we can’t trust them,” a cross-armed Steyer said before an aide told him to do another take with his hands in his pockets.

As for the future:

Steyer and his advisers say this is only the beginning. He has established himself in short order as the closest thing Democrats have to the Adelsons or the even deeper-pocketed conservatives Charles and David Koch. In other words, an individual with essentially boundless resources who is determined to force change upon politicians through the aggressive use of his checkbook.

Cuccinelli also took money from out of state players as well; however, it was nowhere near what these left-wing groups invested in Terry McAuliffe’s effort to win the governor’s mansion. There is also a key ideological difference. Cuccinelli’s out of state donors were helping the candidate with a pro-Virginia and pro-coal agenda.

What will Terry McAuliffe do? He can’t really ignore these California global warming extremists; however, McAuliffe will also need to contend with a Republican Assembly and, likely, a Republican Attorney General, who will vehemently oppose these people and their anti-Virginia agenda.

As for the Virginia coal and (potential) uranium industries, watch out. These out-of-state forces are just starting to make political noise.

You can read the POLITICO article here.

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