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ObamaCare Needs to Be Shelved; Have Amazon Reform Healthcare

During a CNNe interview yesterday afternoon, we discussed the week in politics. It was a busy week, especially in the international realm with Secretary of State John Kerry cutting short his trip to the Middle East to join Geneva talk with the Iranian regime (be sure to read Yleem’s piece on the matter here). ObamaCare, however, took up most of the discussion on En Directo yesterday.

Along with the President’s politically odd apology, the set up news piece before our segment portrayed Congressional Republicans demanding fixes to the ObamaCare website. The thing is amigos, if the underlying program is not sound policy, why are you arguing about fixing a website? To sell a bad product? Not even Amazon would list these plans. Now there is an idea, let’s have Amazon try to reform healthcare, without government interference. I’m joking. Sort of.

One of the reasons why the ObamaCare roll out has been one of the worst political blunders in American history is that proponents are out of touch with the very people they claim they want to help. Rather than look treat us as consumers of healthcare, they treat us like sick people. We want to comparison shop, the way we do for cars, toothpaste, and hundreds of thousands of products and services. Amazon.com has spoiled us and we want more. It works. A white coat does not mean a doctor should be allowed to hide pricing from a consumer. Hospital and medical device companies, stop gaming the insurance systems. Insurance systems, get with the program, be more transparent. Times are changing.

While these CNN segments make it tough to get an idea across because of time constraints, and guests that interrupt you, that was the general thrust of what I was attempting to communicate. Republicans are going at this all wrong. Just was the ObamaCare roll out was a blunder of stellar proportions, the GOP response has been just as bad. Give us options. Shut down the website. It is a joke, just like the national health care system the Democrats want to impost on the country. Republicans can do better. The Virginia elections this week prove that ObamaCare is the Left’s Achilles heel. Take it. Maybe Amazon, and other consumer focused businesses, can teach you all a thing or two about what Americans want.

I’ll embed the video later, but here is a link to the segment posted on CNN’s website.

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