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Bacon Weighs in on McAuliffe’s Virginia Win

One of the more sensible pieces I’ve read on the Democratic Virginia gubernatorial win yesterday has been penned by James Bacon of the Bacon’s Rebellion blog:

McAuliffe campaigned mainly on being a candidate who would NOT ban abortions or discriminate against gays. As a pragmatist with few guiding principles that I can discern other than a boundless faith in government, he now faces the challenge of governing, a task for which he has demonstrated no capacity. How well he does will depend, I suspect, on whom he picks to serve with him. Keep a close eye on his key appointments. They will tell the story of the next four years.

Admittedly, I was a bit more partisan:

Congratulations to the Democratic Party and the McAuliffe operation. Whether you like it or not, now you need to represent the entire Commonwealth, not just your Democratic strongholds. Virginia remains a center-right state. Virginians do not want socialized medicine. We like coal, guns, and free markets.  You’ll have to work with a Republican House of Delegates, a split Senate, as well as a Republican Attorney General, (if vote count holds) Mark Obenshain. Good luck. You’ll need it.

It is going to be an interesting four years. Some folks are already arguing McAuliffe and Assembly Republicans will be unable to accomplish much. We’ll see. There have been odder alliances in American and Virginia politics.

Read Bacon’s entire post here.


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