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For the Left, Success and Winners Are Evil

A friend recently shared a story reporting that the Koch brothers stood to make $100 billion if the Keystone pipeline was finally built. It is the typical anti-success rant that has become ubiquitous during the past decade. You know the drill. It is one evil conspiracy:

“We all know they [Koch industries] will use that money to fund and expand their influence network, subvert democracy, crush unions like in Wisconsin, and get more extremists elected to congress,” says a researcher with the International Forum on Globalization.

Want to know what is wrong with the political system these days? Look no further than these groups. These are the unelected and unaccountable, some very angry people who loathe free markets and free enterprise. They can’t win elections so they do what losers do, cast aspersions on those who can. They create a culture of mistrust. The best way to deal with these people is to win over and over again; and hold them accountable when they lie.

Public interest groups such as the IFG need donors and members.  In the marketplace of ideas, politics becomes big business.  There are groups on the right and the left that make a living from it; however, there is a key difference between politics and government: politics is big business, governing is not.

The Keystone pipeline is a serious national security issue. Once completed it will decrease our dependence on foreign oil, while the nation continues to work on viable alternative energy sources. If this IFG story is true and people will make billions from it, that would a positive thing. The free markets reward winners, not the losers.

Better to have free men generating wealth so that individuals and society can prosper, than governments asphyxiating free-enterprise and keeping people dependent on the state for survival with services and regulations.

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