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Sarvis Do the right thing, follow Ron Paul’s Lead in Virginia

On Friday last week, Ron Paul endorsed Ken Cuccinelli for Virginia governor. This is a direct shot at libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis’s campaign.

Sarvis has been drawing some interesting numbers — about 10% according to some polls.  If correct, Sarvis may end up handing the governor’s mansion to pro-government liberal Terry McAuliffe.

Sarvis, you made your point (and he should have been allowed to join the final debate). Do the right thing, follow Paul’s lead. Step aside and endorse Cuccinelli.

Virginia does not need Washington-style Clintonesque politics in Richmond. Will Paul’s endorsement make a difference? Tough to tell. As reported over on Bearing Drift, cracks are starting to show in pockets of the Virginia GOP.

Sarvis, do your part. If your really drawing the votes from the Cuccinelli camp, use that leverage to ask for something when Cuccinelli wins.

As for the Virginia GOP and the Cuccinelli team, it needs to do a better job of reaching out to younger voters, especially libertarians.

Remember that political parties exist to win elections. Leverage your hand. Governing is where you make the ultimately final impact.

Ron Paul Endorses Ken Cuccinelli For Governor by kencuccinelli

  • KingGeorge2013

    Jason, was it you who tried to convince Robert Sarvis to drop out and endorse Cuccinelli on Twitter? I met him last night in Leesburg and he told me that people kept tweeting him yesterday begging him to drop out and endorse KC. As I expected, the answer he gave them was no.

    • KG2013, he should have been invited to the last debate. For a political unknown with little money, Sarvis appears to be drawing enough voters from KC to make it interesting. I think KC could have made a pitch to him, publicly, that joining ranks with the GOP is the way to go this cycle.

      The GOP needs to a better job reaching out to libertarians; however, I have many libertarian friends who forget that the purpose of political parties is to win elections. What good is it to talk about an issue all the time? Governing is where you can make the difference.

      If Sarvis is really polling at 10% in some parts of the state, taking votes fromKC, he may have something to negotiate with and seek a promise or two for something tangible from KC.

      Let’s see if Hillary Clinton’s visit to Northern Virginia this weekend for McAuliffe helps sway people that the GOP base needs to unite and get out the vote for KC next month.

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