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Extraordinary Virginian: D.H. at Cracker Barrel

There is a lot of negative news in these parts lately. A federal government shutdown is starting to take a toll on some Virginia families that work for the federal government. The governor’s campaign is becoming increasingly negative. Governor’s race? Jason, what are you talking about, there is a campaign? Yes amigos. In fact there are several.

But before I talk politics, let’s talk food. If my liberal friends want to know why Republicans and conservative Democrats have become so fiercely vocal about the future of the country, look no further than this story.

Yleem and I really enjoy Cracker Barrel escapes. The food is really good and priced right. Predictable country food that just tastes great. For the health conscious, CBs have many options these days. Every now and then CB runs, especially ones with friends, sure hit the spot.

During our last visit, we met a very bubbly and friendly waitress, D.H., at the Town of Dumfries CB off I-95, exit 152. A A bundle of energy and focused on her work, there was a serious determination about her manner that I could not quite figure out.

When she brought us our check, I told her that she would be managing one of the stores some day. She smiled and said that she has other plans. D.H. was in her last year of nursing school. She was specializing in pediatric oncology. The CB job helps pay the bills while she goes to school. Yleem asked D.H., why pediatric oncology? Her response is why I’m sharing this story with you.

At some point in D.H.’s young life, she is likely in her mid-20s, she was diagnosed with brain cancer and beat it. D.H. is looking forward to replacing her brown, personalized CB apron, for RN scrubs. She wants to help nurse back to health children with cancer.

A few years ago, D.H. moved with her family to Virginia from Puerto Rico. She says she intends to stay here because she feels safe, there is work, and really likes the people she interacts with on a daily basis. The CB job has been great she says and seems very grateful for it;  however, it was a means to an end.

D.H. is the quintessential American, hard-working, firecely independent yet also compassionate. She has no idea the stereotypes she has broken. D.H. has  beat the odds stacked against her and is making something of her life, on her own with the support of family and friends, not the government.

Despite all the gloom and doom coming from Washington, DC and the media lately, America is going to be just fine because we have millions of people like D.H. in towns and communities around the nation.

Let’s hope the politicians find a way some day to undo the healthcare regulatory mess that is ObamaCare. All Americans should have access to quality and affordable healthcare, but the private sector, not the government, is best equipped to make it so.

As for D.H., if any of our readers know someone in the healthcare industry who is looking for promising oncology RN, drop us a line. Just make sure your in Virginia. We’d like her to stay in these parts.

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