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Certain GOP Activists Need a Sabbatical

I had to read, twice, the following Brietbart article on Grover Norquist. I’ve lived in Northern Virginia for more than two decades, worked in the party HQ and the Congress. Political types come and go. It may be time for Norquist to take a sabbatical. If anyone owes an apology it is him, to the GOP, for stirring things up within the party.

According to Tony Lee’s article:

“Ted Cruz is a very bright, very serious conservative, but in this case and in a couple of cases earlier, he doesn’t think through things strategically,” Norquist said. “If you do something, then what will Obama do in return? What would Harry Reid do in return? When you’re playing chess, the other team gets to make a move too.” After saying that Cruz was merely employing a “tactic” in other interviews, Norquist then called on Cruz to apologize for his “strategy.”

As I wrote earlier this week, I think Norquist is upset that Cruz, and a new crop of Republicans, have refused to sign Norquist’s tax pledge. That is bad for business.

Cruz is not the problem here. The issue is a small but radical wing of the Democratic Party, not all Democrats. It is the group of folks that Mark Levin calls statists. Norquist should focus whatever influence he has left in this town on those people.

Fueling a GOP civil war is bad for the party and the nation. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus was spot on when he reportedly told Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, that Priebus “saw himself as chairman of the entire party and would support any Republican, including Mr. Cruz, in battling Democrats.”

If your reading this and attending one of Norquist’s weekly activist lunches on K Street, you should say so. His tactics right now are hurting the party nationally, as well as in Virginia.

Read the Lee’s article here.

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