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‘Hating’ Tom Clancy

I was reading a few stories on Tom Clancy’s passing last week, when I found a blog post at Bacon Rebellions on the subject. BR is a great blog that focuses on Virginia public policy. Most postings are non-partisan in tone; however, every now and then someone says something that crosses the line. Consider this:

… conservatives who adored Clancy and his comic book world likewise hate the very same federal workers and the government that employs them (emphasis added) …

Conservatives are accused of a lot of bad things because we have done a really bad job communicating what we believe in. At times, we have also allowed the Left to create stereotypes such as the referenced “hate” comment in Peter Galuszka’s blog post.

Clancy’s “comic book world,” appears to bother Galuszka. Maybe it is because Tom Clancy was a fiction writer who loved and adored his country as well as, indeed, the federal workers who dedicated a lifetime to serving it. Clancy was a proud conservative, Republican, and donor to many Republican and conservative causes.

Hating anything is a very un-conservative and destructive emotion. A time waster. It saps energy that can be used for more constructive things, say, write books about the good in people and the positive aspects of the U.S. government, like Clancy did for decades. He was a great American and will be missed.

Talking about great Americans, and since we’re discussing language and words, be sure to watch this somewhat related interview with Duck Dynasty stars Willie and Phil Robertson:

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