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Before the Tea Party, There Were Angry Seniors

Suggestion to folks not in the Washington, DC Metro area: tune out the media coverage on the federal government partial shutdown as best you can. There is a lot of sensationalist reporting going on right now by reporters (and talking heads) who need a few lessons in the federal budget process as well as in Congressional Rules and Procedure.

Remember, there have been 5 presidents, 17 shutdowns and, up until this one, all of them ended with negotiations. The House is controlled by Republicans. These Republicans were elected by folks who believe in what they stand for and campaigned on. When you call these Members names, such as terrorist or Talibans, your essentially insulting fellow Americans who voted for them. If your not happy with this political reality, elect a new Congress in 2014.

For two decades I’ve seen this process close up. Every time I hear the same arguments from both sides, just different players. This process needs to play out like this. The world will not come to an end. The Republic will survive. We will persevere and do what Americans always do, win.

This issue will soon pass and will be a blip on the political radar for 2014. My hope is that they reach a solid agreement that puts us on a path to reasonable policymaking on the federal budget. The Nation needed to have a serious debate about the debt ceiling, as well as the serious policy challenges presented by the Affordable Care Act (a program that will not work and is too expensive).

And if you think issues are politically hot today, watch this 1989 (pre-Tea Party) video. Most of you may were not alive back then, or too young to know what happened to the Democratic Chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Dan Rostenkowski, when he proposed raising taxes to pay for healthcare. Take a look all the way to end:

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