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On Eve of Federal Government Shutdown, Liberal Virginia Democrats Fundraising in DC

The Democratic Party’s liberal wing held a fancy fundraiser  yesterday evening for Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe at the Clinton’s million dollar house in Northwest DC. This will not go over well in Northern Virginia, home to several thousand federal workers who may be staying at home this week because Republicans and Democrats are unable to reach compromise on the federal budget process.

According to the Daily Caller, “[t]he event was designed to raise money for McAuliffe, the former Democratic National Committee chairman and Clinton family friend, in his race against Virginia Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.”  Should the event have been cancelled or postponed?

I know of several Republican events for this week that were postponed until the budget process was a little more clear. Senator Tom Coburn, for example, was supposed to be the guest of honor at an event yesterday evening. The event was even going to be held in Virginia. Did you expect Hillary Clinton to travel across the river to visit with pro-free enterprise and gun-toting Virginians? 

This incident, and it is a political incident, is a great example of what a McAuliffe governorship would look like. It will be influenced heavily by non-Virginians of the Clinton machine interested in one thing only, electing Hillary Clinton the next President of the United States.

McAuliffe is from the very liberal wing of the Democratic Party supported by the Clinton machine and a new cadre of Obama advisors. This is a very bad combination for Virginia and there are many Virginia Democrats who do not like it. They, like many Republicans and Independents, do not want to see Virginia politics turned into a playground for elite liberals and out of state folks such as the Clinton-Obama machines.

Campaigns are won and lost sometimes because of the little things. Make too many mistakes and an apparent front-runner’s lead can shrink and shrink. McAuliffe is acting as if he has already won the election, partying in DC with the Left’s elite. Let’s hope Virginians prove him wrong in 36 days and elect Ken Cuccinelli as Virginia’s next governor.

P.S., the Liberal wing of the Democratic party that McAuliffe comes from is constantly hectoring the GOP that we’re the party of the elite rich. That we do not care for the poor or downtrodden. Events such as these across the pond in DC should serve as a vivid reminder to all Virginians that the Liberal wing of the Democratic Party is all talk and out of touch with Virginians of all socio and economic backgrounds. They do not care about this state or its needs. They are interested only in expanding a Liberal agenda that keep the poor dependent on the state, not economically empowered and free to pursue a life of their own design.

P.S.S., the same line of thought applies to ObamaCare. Do you think for one minute that multi-millionaire Liberal Democrats are going to sign up for a socialized medicine plan? These folks will sign up for concierge medicine or find some way to pay out of pocket, while the rest of the country is left to sort out a very messy and unworkable healthcare program run by the governments. All Americans deserve the best healthcare that this country has to offer. The best way to do that is through incremental reform that expands free enterprise in healthcare, not empowering the government to create a single payer system. The latter, just like welfare programs, keeps poor people dependent on the state. That’s quite un-American.

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