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The Nation Needs More Ted Cruz, A Lot Less John McCain

A young clerk in the hotel I was staying at during a recent visit to Central America, asked me about the United States and our political system. We had a great conversation. Quite knowledgeable about our political system, he was especially fascinated by President Obama and his relationship with the Republicans, or what referred to as the opposition. “I wish the opposition in my home country had as much power as it does in your country,” he said as he smiled as returned my credit upon check in.

Originally from Venezuela, the hotel clerk, who had never visited the United States, saw the value of an opposition party to serve as a check on the majority party. Observing the political processes while in a foreign country has always served to remind me how lucky we Americans happen to be for living in the United States.

I did not read or watch much U.S. news during this trip (alright, I did peek a view or two of The Drudge Report). There was plenty of Spanish-language news to fill several hours-worth of news on several countries in the region. Besides, I needed to practice my Spanish as it can go rusty from lack of use.  It was well worth it. As always though, I was real glad to be back in the United States.

As soon I re-plugged myself in to the news routine upon re-entry to the United States, you would think the world was coming to an end.  For example, Sen. Ted Cruz had become a political pariah and had I not known any better, the world would come to an end over a political debate on the repeal of socialized medicine. My mind raced back to the conversation with the Venezuelan hotel clerk. How right he was.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) spoke for close to an entire day, about 21 hours, about the importance of freedom, rule of law, and state rights and how these values are under direct assault because of ObamaCare. It must be repealed or taken apart piece by piece.

Socialized medicine is a disaster. It does not work. Just look at Europe, or closer to home in Venezuela or Cuba. Both Democrats and Republicans are too blame for the predicament the Nation confronts these days. They act as if this law appeared overnight. The fact is that the Left has been at this experiment since the New Deal. It is the crown jewel of their political vision for America.

I expected some Democrats to be upset with Sen. Cruz, what I did not appreciate was the criticism from people in the Republican Party. The first thought that came to mind when I heard some of the more vitriolic statements against Cruz, I thought of the conversation with the hotel clerk. How could a fellow who had never been in the United States be so right and these bitter Republicans so wrong?

Senator Ted Cruz did the Nation a great service. For those who care to listen to what Cruz had to say, Cruz’s 21 hour talk is what Senators in the opposition are supposed to do. How else is the Republican Party supposed to win the debate of ideas? On television or talk radio? When the Democrats grant us permission to do so? House Republicans could’ve done a lot more to help echo chamber Cruz, most have failed to do so.

Then there is the compromise and go along brigade. “We don’t have the votes. We can’t politically afford a shutdown. We can’t … We won’t …”. Really? If the Republican Party compromises anymore there will be no more room to compromise. Compromising put us in this mess to begin with. You fight with the army you have and the rules at your disposal. You mount a loyal but forceful opposition. There are state parties and state legislatures controlled by the GOP.

We have a large number of politicians and political elites who have lost the stomach and will to fight. That needs to change. The problem is not Ted Cruz, it is the Left. It is not all of the Democratic Party necessarily, but the Left. These conservative naysayers should focus the negative talk to the Left, not Ted Cruz. We need more Ted Cruz, a lot less John McCain.


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