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Syrian Assad Regime Already ‘Gets Away’ With Using Chemical Weapons

House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi meets with Syrian dictator Assad in 2007.
House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi meets with Syrian dictator Assad in 2007. Doubtful that they discussed Syria chemical weapons stockpile. “We came in friendship, hope, and determined that the toad to Damascus is a road to peace,” Pelosi told reporters. Read more here. Yesterday, Secretary Kerry said something similar: “Ultimately we are committed — we remain committed, we believe its the primary objective — is to have a diplomatic process that can resolve this through negotiation, because we know there is no ultimate military solution. It has to be political. It has to happen at the negotiating table and we are deeply committed to getting there.”

I had a lot of hope that the Washington Post would moderate its leftward leanings when Amazon’s Jeff Bezos purchased the paper. Judging from this morning’s headline on the Syria matter, they have a ways to go.

According to the Post, yesterday Secretary of State John Kerry made a forceful case for U.S. military intervention in Syria. Were we listening to the same speech? Foreign policy experts and policy wonks will fill the ether the next few weeks on the subject, but there was nothing said yesterday by Secretary Kerry or President Obama that involved protecting or advancing U.S. national security interests.

The Obama doctrine, if we can extract it from this policy bramble, is nothing more than internationalism that seeks to weaken American sovereignty at the altar of globalism. UN Ambassador Samatha Powers, a leading acolyte of this world view, is working quietly behind the scenes to make Syria the Obama Administration’s contribution to this quixotic world order.

The Obama Administration knows full well that lobbing $1,000,000 missiles towards Syria will do nothing more than an act of righteous indignation over the use of chemical weapons. It will not dislodge Assad, it may empower him as well as his regional allies. If this exercise was truly about containing Iran, then U.S. policy would be more than pinprick economic sanctions or the likely use of Tomahawk missiles.

What is taking place in Syria is more akin to Lord of the Flies or a devolution of a classic Hobbesian world. Unless the United States is prepared to do in Syria what was done in Japan after World War II, or in Europe throughout the Cold War, the  United States has no business tinkering with any of it. If it was not done in Iraq or Afghanistan, where it should have been, it should most certainly not be done in the name of the international system.

Kerry said yesterday that the world is watching to see if Assad can ‘get away’ with using chemical weapons.  If it was the Assad regime, it already did. It is a tragedy that so many innocent people had to die for the world to take notice.

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