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GOP Sued for Political Malpractice, Seriously

If  your upset with the Republican Party, or with the Democrats for that matter, there are many ways to express your frustration. You could run for office. Maybe pen an op-ed in the local newspaper.

Or, you can do as Mr. Cody Fitch did in California, go to court. Really. The Volokh Conspiracy blog posted a complaint from a fellow in the west coast who did just that in Fitch v. Republican Party (Cal. Super. Ct. filed Aug. 19, 2013).

Among the parade of offenses we have professional negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, and breach of contract. You’ll need to read the complaint to appreciate the factual posture of the case. The word “Communist” appears numerous times.

Prayer for Relief? In addition to $90,000 for law school tuition, he wants a private meeting with Meghan McCain to discuss politics (this, alone, should be grounds for dismissal), a cool $90,000,000 in damages, as well as a secure U.S.-Mexico border. Read it. There are a few more requests.

Here is some free legal advice to Mr. Fitch, start a blog. Talking about odd political statements, here is one from Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-New York) saying that there is “no reason why a young person should have to pay for a college education …”:

  • Cody Fitch

    Actually it is worse that that. I have the Republican corporation that is a billion dollar world wide corporation owned by the party. In which I gave them over 7 months 200 directives to do things as a director. In which I said two are free and the rest will cost you. I made the party and business over $600 million in income. Along with that the National Political leader Prince Reimburse is my choice and also California Chairman Brutel is my choice too based on my directives for a vote. While also I am reminding the party that we need to go to Europe and Canada and our allied areas to get lots of trade and help like the Democrats did in Communist China and Africa.This is a nice complaint if demurred or striken I will amend with gross negligence and over 200 IP Violations that allows me to attack the corporation with a debt of over $200 million for each IP and gross negligence. I am just being nice.

    Cody Fitch

  • Cody Fitch

    The Republican party and right side is 47% European red neck honkies we are not mexicans, chinese nor africans. Our demographics are white. So basically the current elder structure has allowed the uS to allow Africans, Mexicans and Chinese to invade and genocide our power majority votes through crime. Its easy to solve, we do like we did prior to 1960. Its easy we have the power here, so we place sentries on the boarder use billionaire CEO director secure radar scans at the boarder with a id card scan. Like when I walk into Fitch Crops in France, then they can come across the boarder. SO our heritage here stays the majority. The last 10 years we have lost 800,000 African and European American rightist mainly to disappearances where Chinese, African and Mexican proxy units set up to sell neural chemicals to invade and sympathize then bring in their own heritage for genocide of voter power of the wasp culture. The biggest invasion is the Mexican catholics. Since 2001 there have been over 500,000 MExican catholics a year. They do not want to be here they bring them to the boarder according to Fitch Corps contracts to secure homeland security for auditing as per world conservative genocidal research group of our heritage. The Mexican government rounds up their ugly, perverted and other types of unwanted and place them in cells at the boarder and hold them by gun point until what we believe is the Democrat corporation subsidizes request them to work in their corporations. So I am suing, why would the Republican allow their constituents to be genocided by this when we know what it is and can dominate the democrats and foreign militarizes. The US European heritage muscle alone could dominate Mexico, China, and Africa. However, I am ruding into Russia, Britain and Europe for secure safe non hurting and non liberal world party threats of fights against the world take over by Fitch Corps.

    Franchise de comety

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