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Rosa María Payá, Steely and Forceful voice for Cuba’s Youth, More

This part of the Cuba story, still being written, goes to show that the dark forces of leftist tyranny cannot destroy the seeds of freedom.  From the good folks over the Babalu blog:

Although she was forced into the spotlight at a young age by the vicious murder of her father by the Castro dictatorship, Rosa Maria Paya has risen to the occasion and is quickly becoming a leader for all Cubans.

Rosa Maria Payá, 24, is what is called a child of the Communist Revolution; however, she was raised in a devout Catholic family and her father, a leading dissident, was murdered by Communist Party officials last year.

After her father’s death, Ms. Payá was thrust in the limelight and has surprised many Cuba watchers in the U.S. and Cuba. Payá is very careful with her words, but do not let that fool you. She is no fan of the current system or its leaders.

There are hundreds of thousands like her in Cuba. Now they have a humble, yet steely, forceful voice. This is very welcome and refreshing to see in the Cuba debate. How long will it last? Who knows. I’ve seen many future leaders come and go.  Stay tuned.

Read the entire post here. Be sure to visit Payá’s Facebook page and her blog.

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