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Warning: Tennis Shoes … Made in Cuba, For Sale in Israel?

This photo was snapped by a friend on vacation in Israel. The shoes were on display in a somewhat trendy Tel Aviv commercial area. The cost a mere $20.00US or the equivalent of one month salary for the average Cuban worker.

A friend who is visiting Israel this month sent me the attached photo of a pair of shoes on display in a Tel Aviv shoe store. Look at the information right below the price.

Cuba does not have a strong textile manufacturing base. This is the first time I had ever heard of shoes made in Cuba. In fact, up until very recently shoes were on the state rationing system. Most families in Cuba import shoes from Miami.

The average wage for a Cuban worker is approximately $20.00 a month. For about that same amount, it seems you can purchase a pair of sneakers Made in Cuba that have been exported to the Middle East.

I’m having a tough time believing that this could be true. What is the margin on something like this? The Cuban worker must be earning peanuts. If they are being paid anything at all.

We’re going to ask around about these shoes. If they really were made in Cuba, it was with what amounts to slave labor. Not the best way to advance human and labor rights is it?

Then again Cuba has no respect for human rights or the Jewish people. Just ask Alan Gross.

If there were foreign companies with a U.S. presence or some other connection to the United States, watch out. We’re talking TWEA jurisdiction. You may be legally exposed as well.

Our friend in Israel is collecting more information for the great shoe caper.

Stay tuned.

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