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Virginia Online Voter Registration, Just Asking For Trouble

Yesterday the Virginia State Board of Elections and the Department of Motor Vehicles announced that online voter registration was now available.

From the Richmond Times Dispatch:

To apply, residents need the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles customer identifier number displayed on their license or ID card. Without one, residents have to print the application and bring it to their local voter registration office.

“Electronic online registration with verification of identification and data by the DMV will increase the accuracy and integrity of the voter rolls and assist state and local officials,” said Don Palmer, secretary of the Board of Elections.

“More accurate registration rolls will ultimately lead to fewer problems and lines on Election Day as voters will have updated and accurate records when they arrive at the polling place to vote.”

The bill authorizing the program passed with overwhelming bipartisan support. Only two Republicans opposed it: Delegate Chris Jones (R-Suffolk) and Anne Crockett-Stark (R-Wytheville).

On positive note, at least it is a state-based system and not, as in Washington state, Facebook. Unlike the good folks over at Bearing Drift, wax me skeptical on this one.

Maybe I’ve been involved in politics way too long but there is something to be said for requiring people contact in all things involving out political system.

Things can and do go wrong with both the traditional method as with electronic tools. If you’ve spent anytime in a polling station during election day, you know very well what I mean.

As far as online voter registration, look at this South Florida gem of a story: the Miami Herald calls it the age of the e-boletera.

Rather than the current system, Virginia could have opted for a pilot program for members of the military, foreign service, and other agencies.

Stay tuned … I can just about guarantee that this is not going to be the last we hear of this issue.

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