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Socialist Confab Gathers in Chicago This Week

Gathering this week in the President’s hometown of Chicago, Illinois, the Socialism 2013 conference promises participants the following:

  1. A full weekend of radical politics, debate, and entertainment
  2. Thousands of the best titles in radical literature available from Haymarket Books available for purchase
  3. Speakers such as teachers on the front lines of the fight to defend public education, anti-racist fighters against police brutality and the New Jim Crow, trade unionists, Marxist authors, radical historians … and more.

Groups such as these are not even trying to hide it anymore. They’ve been emboldened by the Obama Administration. Watch this video. Listen to the tone and tenor of the message. Not sure where all this anger comes from. Especially from young people.

You’d think that the end of the Cold War would have taught them a thing or two or three. Not even close. They took Lenin’s 1906 warning to heart.

I’m really glad we are a center-right nation; however, these people are never going to give up. Do they have an impact in Washington, DC? That is not the question you should be concerned about. You need to focus on what these community organizers are planning for your local governments and neighborhoods.

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