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Ecuador’s Surveillance Program

From Alek Boyd on the Ecuador link to the Snowden NSA leaks matter:

“Two days ago I posted some documents about a surveillance programme set up by Ecuador’s Intelligence Agency (Secretaría Nacional de Inteligencia or SENAIN). It was fitting to post such information given news about Edward Snowden’s alleged decision to get political asylum in Ecuador. As things stand, Snowden is still in Putinland, Ecuador is still willing to relinquish millions of dollars worth of preferential trade with the USA, and Wikileaks still hasn’t published leaked documents about pervasive surveillance programs set up by Rafael Correa’s regime in Ecuador. But I got more intel on the whole scheme (see below), specifically details about Banco del Pacifico’s $2,925,000 wire transfer to Bank Leumi’s former address at Graybar Lexington Av. in New York, account no. 0547946601, whose beneficiary is 500 Smart Solutions LLC, one of a shell group of companies set up by Gabriel Guecelevich for the purpose of selling Israeli’s latest surveillance and phone tapping technology to Ecuador.”

Read more here.

There seems to be a lot more to this ongoing story and, regrettably, the American people seem to be losing interest. But not in our neck of the woods. The Internet, software design, and intelligence analysis is big business in these parts, the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is only going to grow.

American taxpayers pay a lot of money for this technology, while U.S. Government employees dedicate a lot time and effort to keep us safe. Let’s hope Congress takes some time to seriously study what happened in the Snowden matter.

During these challenging economic times, the NSA leak presents an excellent opportunity to revisit post-09.11.01 reforms and, if there is a political will to do so, eliminate entities and empower the right agencies.

On an unrelated matter, here is a recent item at the Bacon’s Rebellion blog on how this surveillance stories go local:  Overzealous Agents … or Something Symptomatic of Something Deeper?

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