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Congressman Moran’s Reckless Proposal Would’ve Endangered Virginia Communities

I rarely focus the antics of my representative in Congress, Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.). He is as liberal as he is irrational. But every now and then he proposes something that is worth a little ink.

Turns out Rep.  Moran is still trying to house radical Islamist terrorists in Virginia. A few weeks ago he offered a bill in Congress, again, that would have allowed the expansion of U.S. prisons, including some here in Virginia, to house Guantanamo Bay prisoners. The measured failed.

Even if it means endangering our communities by placing people here who will draw attention from people who want to do us harm, Moran will not turn down any for of federal spending. Never has. Never will.

Northern Virginia has enough law enforcement issues to tackle with such as gangs and other violent offenders. There is absolutely no logical reason to shut down GITMO and relocate radical Islamists to this area. Save your money. Cut our taxes. Wait, this is Jim Moran. He never saw a tax increase he did not like.

Most voters in the 8th Congressional District have no idea what Moran did recently, but if they knew, a majority would oppose it. Why does Moran do these things? Because he can and no one will challenge him. This is not the only dumb proposal he has advanced in recent years. Moran and his facilitators in most of the Arlington County government are always looking for ways to siphon federal tax dollars into more government programs, rather than directly into our pockets or homes.

Frankly, I could care less if he is a Democrat. That is not the issue. It is his lack of vision that is the primary irritant. Moran only sees dollar signs, of the federal spending type. This government-first approach to life bleeds into the local government as well. So, why do we stay here? We like the community and the people. If  we could only do something about the Congressman and the Arlington County Government …


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