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Left’s New Tactic: Extreme Hate Speech, Divisiveness, and Balkanization

Prediction, political discourse is about to take a radically ugly tone. Why? The Left is devoid of ideas that the American people will support. They need to pretend they are moderates to secure votes.

They will lie. They will cheat. They will re-define ethic and economic warfare with extreme forms of hate speech, divisiveness, and balkanization. And, yes, I think that they will try to use some form of force.

Here is a good example of what is to come that was reported this morning by the folks at Brietbart. Turns out Sen. Rand Paul is irritating Slate.com columnist, Matt Yglesias. The Left knows that Paul is a threat to one of its core voter groups, the youth. So what better way to counter his message than by calling him a racist:

@conor64 That seems plausible. In broader context, Paul’s musings on Jim Crow are probably driven by his white supremacist leanings. — Matt Yglesias (@mattyglesias) June 20, 2013

@conor64 Sure, his longstanding political support for his white supremacist father. — Matt Yglesias (@mattyglesias) June 20, 2013

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For those of us who live in the Commonwealth of Virginia, this process has already started. As penned at Bearing Drift, E.W. Jackson has become the favorite tool of racists. Or, this attack on the GOP Attorney General candidate, Senator Mark Obenshain.

Fellow Republicans, be prepared.  Resist the urge to lower your standards in an attempt to attack these folks. Drop ethnic and hyphenated politics, focus on issues. The Republican Party will never be able to out fox the Left with marketing gimmicks. It is not part of our political DNA.

It is going to be a bumpy ride, but America remains a center-right nation. Focus on our core issues and go local. Go to your neighborhoods,  communities, churches, schools, school boards, etc. In most cases, there will be no need to even say your a Republican.

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