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Obama’s UN Nominee Should Make for Interesting Confirmation Hearings

It has been a while since we had an interesting and politically-charged Senate Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC) confirmation hearings. That could change soon. President Obama has nominated liberal hawks to fill his national security roster. While the Senate cannot really do much about the National Security Advisor, the UN Ambassador is a different story.

With new GOP leadership, as well as new SFRC Republican members, I’m looking forward to Obama’s UN nominee, Samantha Power, answering frank and tough questions about her ideological views on America’s role in the world.

There is a lot to talk about. Republicans need to use political tusk to penetrate the ivory tower answers Power will likely use.

On Israel:

Listen closely to this clip (note the “mending” comments as well as “granularity”):

Most of it is undecipherable code talk with words such as “granularity”  or “mending” that will require frank, blunt, and politically tough questions. If not, no one but beltway or academic elite will understand a word of it.

If the hearings were held in the House, I have no doubt we would see some robust discussion. But the confirmation hearing role falls to the Senate.

There is a lot more out there.

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