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Drop Ethnic Labels in Politics. We’d Be Much More Civil.

Over on Facebook this morning a post by Ruben Navarrette touch a nerve. A raw one. It has to do with our society’s obsession with label, the ethnic kind.  My response generated more responses than usual, most private. Here is what I said:

The sooner we stop labeling people in America as anything but Americans, the better off our national unity and discourse will be. Stop hyphenating Americans. Folks can be proud of their ancestral heritage without having to be labeled Italian-Americans, Irish-Americans, Latino, Hispanic, Cuban-American, etc. This starts at the very top. From Members of Congress to political parties, and all the way here, to the net roots.

What do you think?

  • Vito

    Every time I read garbage like this, I call myself Italian-American. I’m currently working overseas and I still refer to myself as Italian-American. Sorry buddy, you will never force your backward way of thinking on us. Mexican-Americans, Asian-Americans, Italian-Americans, African-Americans… there is too many of us who are proud of our heritage and we will forever continue using these references.

  • As for your garbage reference, not sure what your referring to since we recycle liberal ideas as much as possible on this blog. Thing is, it is not easy to do so. Once a liberal says something not much is left to use. Hyphenated politics is one of these ideas that has lowered the quality of the national discourse and one can do little good with it once it is used in a political debate or discussion. Hyphenated politics is political tribalism just as poisonous as the National Socialist ideology that spawned the Nazi Party in Germany. There are many other examples.

    The point of the post, and others like it, is that our work to make America a better place is ongoing. It will never end. Our political leaders – local, state, and federal – should be focusing on things that unite all of us such as peace, freedom, and rule of law. In this country we are all brothers and sisters, and only working together, united as one, can it be successful. Once the people we elect choose to engage in political tribalism, America is weakened.

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