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Era of the Green Eyeshade Republican

What has happened to our GOP?  I do not recognize it anymore. It has gone green, as in the party of the Green Eyeshade Politico.

This week the College Republican National Committee (CRNC) will release yet another 2012 election post-mortem. It contains the usual parade of horribles and  pabulum-laden advice on messaging for “tomorrow’s GOP”. POLITICO is wasting no time making hay of the political self-flagellation.

These type of reports provide erroneous ammunition to the Left and the Democratic Party. For starters, the timing is off and the RNC already took care of making sure we were all reminded how dire things are for the party. Rather than unite the country and our party, these reports  fuel political balkanization. Our party is issue-strong, leader weak.

Rather than action-oriented and optimistic leaders and activists, we have a bench of green eyeshade politicos. Study, study, and more study.  And I’m not sure what they are studying. These reports always sounds like things that the Democratic Party think the GOP should be doing and not what makes sense for Republicans to be putting in action. The GOP has a “put your ethnic group or lefty issue here” problem is not going to win us elections.

Missing from the CRNC report is the crucial point that America is a center-right country. There is nothing the moderate wing of the party can do to change that. A conservative GOP message is nothing to be ashamed of, unless your not a conservative. I’m optimistic about the future of the party because we have conservative leaders and activists outside of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area that are focused on winning elections, one precinct at a time, with a conservative platform. These folks will replace the green eyeshade caucus with the GOP.

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