Headquartered in Chicago Illinois, the ABA has a DC office (pictured here) located a block from the White House

Headquartered in Chicago Illinois, the ABA has a DC office (pictured here) located a block from the White House

The American Bar Association (ABA) is an interesting organization, at least for a Republican and card-carrying member of the Federalist Society. There are not many of us in the ranks. At least not public about it.

During the course of the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to meet many a great legal practitioner at ABA-sponsored events. But when it comes to politics, forget about it.  Some sections are more balanced than others; however, the leadership of this organization is mostly controlled by liberal Democrats.

When I heard that an IRS official apologized at an ABA conference for her department targeting conservatives, my political gut told me something was not right. I kept my counsel. Why make such an important announcement at some poorly attended legal tax conference? However, late last week we learned that the whole exercise may have been staged with the help of a veteran tax lawyer. The lawyer, Celia Roady, claims she did not know.

Should I quit and stop sending them my money? No. The organization is too big and complex to taint all of it with a liberal bias. And as I said earlier, there are some great sections (such as the Export Controls and Sanctions Committee or the National Security Law Section) with an army of smart practitioners that really enjoy the trade. But someone over there in a position of authority should say something about this recent matter.

The Chicago, Illinois headquartered organization may have been doing a favor to the Obama Administration. Maybe not. But they sure as heck owe its members an explanation as to their role in this matter. I doubt we will hear a thing from this group. Expect political tumbleweed.

After more than two decades in the region, and in the political as well as legal business, you learn that this place is no different than Anywhere, America. They may try a make it look complicated, but it is not. It is a capital city just like any other but uniquely American. It has always been this way and always will be.

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