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Senator Cruz Remains GOP’s Immigration Thought Leader

The House of Representatives immigration group seems to have an immigration bill. At least in concept. We have yet to see text.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) has only been in the Senate a short time, but he knows what it takes to do the most important thing a Senator or Representative is elected to do: oversight and, if needed, move product.

If you don’t have the votes, and you still insist on trying to move forward with a measure, then your likely playing politics. I think that is what the Democrats have been doing with immigration for well over two decades.

If you have not seen it yet, and your a Republican, you should listen to Senator Cruz’s opening statement during an immigration reform hearing a few weeks ago. His remarks should be our litmus test for any immigration bill.

The Democrats do not want immigration reform to succeed because they want to use it as a political issue during the mid-term elections and beyond. If your a Republican operative and do not see that, well, you may want to find a new profession.



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