We have nowhere to go … at least not within most of Northern Virginia. Taxes keep going up. Federal, state, and local. This past week the Fairfax County government agreed to increase property taxes. What about the Republicans?

Just one of three Republicans on the Fairfax County county board opposed the increase, the Springfield Supervisor Pat Herrity. Michael Frey and John Cook, the other two Republicans on the ten-member board voted with the Democrats. Herrity has been leading the effort for less spending and taxes for a long time. He needs help.

Fairlington Bikes

From $1 million bus stops to these expensive bike rental stations — this one is in a residential area called Fairlington — the Arlington County government has become a tax and spend monster.

For about twenty years I’ve seen how Fairfax County has slowly become another Arlington County. As Republicans fought each other to see who would be the next Governor or Attorney General, the tax-and-spend wing of the Virginia Democratic Party took control of the levers of power in local governments in this area.

It is easier to raise taxes a “little”, rather than cut spending and programs.  In my neck of the woods, the county government no longer tries to hide it. They spend money on $1 million bus stops and hundreds of thousands of dollars expensive bike rental stations, while the county has real issues to deal with such as homelessness and roads that need repair.

Frankly I do not care if it is a Democrat or a Republican that presses for reform; but someone needs to start telling these local governments to stop wasting our money. They need a forensic and comprehensive audit of all their books. Walk and drive through the county. There is plenty that needs to be done. This is equally true for Arlington as it is for Fairfax.

The Virginia GOP gave up on Arlington County a while ago. It seems as if they are also giving up on Fairfax too. If we took some time to explain to voters what these “little” tax increases represent over the long haul, we could find support with folks that would vote these tax increasers out of office — Democrats and Republicans. I can’t speak for the internal dynamics of the Virginia Democratic Party. I hear from friends they have issues as well.  The Virginia GOP has a lot of great talent in the wings. it is time we started to use it.

P.S., for the record I, mostly, have no problem with the bike share program. Just pay for it with private sector monies, not tax  payer dollars such as the silly decal fee — TAX — that we still use in Arlington. 

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  1. […] The good news is that politicians in the state including most Democrats and a large share of the Republicans, tend to be fiscal conservatives that are focused on creating conditions to stimulate economic growth by keeping low taxes and regulations.  Now, if we could only find a way to ensure that more liberally-controlled counties such as Arlington, stop spending your tax dollars on $1,000,000 bus stops and bike share programs. […]

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