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Guest Dispatch: Thatcher’s Legacy, Like Reagan’s, Lives and Inspires Millions

The following Guest Dispatch comes to us from Arthur Freyre, Esq. in Miami, Florida. Arthur raises several great points on recent events worth pondering. Not sure why though he dings the great Mark Levin. If you live in Washington, DC as long as I have, folks would be clamoring for more radio hosts like Levin. Maybe Miami has a political secret that keeps the feds at bay? Arthur, please share! — Jason Poblete

By Arthur Freyre

I did not realize it has been more than a month since I last posted a blog.  I am afraid that my lack of writing may have helped in the increase of readership of this blog.  Anyways, there have been some interesting things to ponder since late February and I wanted to share them with you.

The passing of Lady Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain was the end of an era.  She was the first woman prime minister. A great one.  Now that she is gone, two things stand out about the media as well as future leaders.

The Left’s reaction to her death-sheer joy and celebration. It is a reflection of our political climate in this country and, indeed, the world.  We live in a time, where few and fewer people will not think for themselves.  It is easier to interrupt and shout slogans, rather than have an honest debate.

The Left’s consuming hatred, and it is hate, reminds me of Mao’s Red Guards during the ’69 Cultural Revolution.  Program them and let them go wild.  The Left claims to rage against the “Man” and “the Machine.”  What they refuse to realize is that they are the “Man” and they are “the Machine.”  They are the grandfathers and grandmothers of tyrants and dictators.

In addition to the media reaction, there is a the recurring lament that there is no “next Thatcher” or the “next Reagan.”  Bunk (or bollocks as they say in the UK).  History determines the next great leader.  We do not appreciate them until long after they are gone.  The true measure of greatness is not just the policies they enacted, but rather the people they have inspired and mentored.  Think about that for a second.  It is those whom they have inspired and mentored.  When was the last time you inspired and mentored someone?  It is the simplest things that people will always remember.  That is our legacy.

Speaking of looking for next great leader, Dr. Benjamin Carson was in the news.  To refresh your recollection, Dr. Carson is one of the best pediatric surgeons in the world.  His speech at the National Prayer Breakfast was inspiring.  It was so inspiring that people were clamoring for him to be the next Republican nominee for President.

I have no problem with the speech, but what does bother me is this cult of personality where you have conservative talk radio (i.e. Mark Levin) and Fox News trying to elevate this man into the Presidency.  Please give Dr. Carson a break. We have pressing issues to worry about.  Let’s focus on those issues.

The General Accounting Office (GAO) just issued another report of government waste.  It is similar to Sen. Colburn’s report in that the GAO’s report in that it reports of the overlap of government agencies in one program. 

The next time you read about the consequences of sequestration, think about the fact that our government refuses to take the time to address the inefficiencies in our government.  There are members of Congress and this Administration who would rather sacrifice the elderly and children in order to protect these departments or government contracts.

Finally, reports out of Washington seem to indicate that there will be proposals for comprehensive immigration reform.  I am looking forward to reading the proposed legislation.  My complaint with this process is the take it or leave it approach.  Although one can score great political points in the short term, in the long term it adds to the cynicism that everyone has about Congress.

True leadership would have required breaking up the reform in following three sections:  Border security; Reforming our legal immigration system; and, Addressing the illegal immigrants in this country.  Have Congress vote up and down on these issues separately.  That way, you do not have to reinvent the wheel and focus your energies on the issues that are contentious.  Unfortunately, our Congressional leadership prefers the complicated rather than the simple.

Until next time.

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