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Incremental Immigration Reform

Official political Washington, DC is politically tone deaf. The left really wants comprehensive immigration reform. This should alert conservatives, and the GOP generally, to proceed with caution.

Frankly, how much more reason do we need than the Boston terror attacks to focus on incremental reform of our immigration system? As Frank Gaffney penned last week, Welcome to Jihad. There has been more than a decade to prepare.  Our politically correct government, made up of Democrats and Republicans, has mostly failed to do so.

These fellow were here, it seems, legally. However, did they have a support system and who are its members? Why did the FBI interview these people and not share the information with other agencies? What about the mega-billions spent on homeland security since 09.11.01?

The time has come for serious immigration reform that focuses on incremental steps — not the so called Gang of Eight approach — to secure our borders first and foremost. Then we can start to take a serious and fulsome look at our overall immigration policy. If the Democrats were genuinely interested in improving the system, the would agree to this; however, they want to see this process fail because politically, it is a win-win for them.

If the Democrats win, they will add millions of new voters to their ranks. If they lose, they will keep using the immigration boogeyman to scare people and lie about the GOP. The GOP is partly to blame for this political morass. You can read more about that here.

Anyone who has lived and worked in this town more than ten years has witnessed many a political battle. This immigration issue has been festering for some time.The reality: if the Democrats and the Obama Administration had enough votes to do it on their own, they would proceed without any Republican support. Why do you want to facilitate this process? You’ll just end up with bad policy anyhow (see video by Senator Dan Coats):

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