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One Precinct at a Time, With No Care About Re-Election Prospects

I always enjoy reading Thomas Sowell’s writings. He is clear thinker and author. This is especially true on economic and political issues, as well as on matters pertaining to the race in America. Sowell recenlty granted the folks at Newsmax an exclusive interview in which he talks about RNC outreach efforts:

Sowell tells Newsmax TV that “Republicans have a decades-long record” of reaching out to the black vote in the “most unpromising way possible.” And based on the party’s strategy moving forward, he says, not much has changed. “I’m baffled by so many things that the Republican Party does nationally,” Sowell tells Newsmax on Friday in an exclusive interview.

You can read my missive on the same subject here. There has been a great deal penned the past week on the new RNC outreach plan. Most of it not fit to print. Then there are gems every now and then, like Sowell’s commentary, that are useful and thoughtful. Will folks listen? Who knows.

Talking about good reading, what about our new Pope?

Pope Francis’s first speech as Pontiff last week offers a lesson for the GOP. Francis decried the “tyranny of relativism” in society.  “There cannot be true peace if everyone is his own criterion,” he said. Indeed. As has the Roman Catholic Church, our political process has been infected with this cancer.

The GOP cannot be all things to all people. Either we are America’s conservative party or we are not. Either we stand for life or we do not. Either we defend marriage between a man or woman or we do not. Either stand for smaller government and less taxes, or we do not. Either we differentiate ourselves from the Left and Democrats on immigration or we are no better than they are. We are one nation under God,  not one hyphenated and godless nation.

The Republican Party may never be able to fully expunge political relativism from its ranks. But it does not have to. There are more conservatives than there are disciples of the anything goes school of Republicanism. Our side just needs to do a better job of taking back control of the party. This starts, one precinct at a time, and electing people to public office that do not care about re-election.




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