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Time to Drop Them All: (Put your Ancestral Roots Here)-American, Latino, and Hispanic

If you’ve read these pages since we started the blog in 2007, you know that I’m no fan of ethnic-based politics.   Especially not for the Republican Party. Search for “ethnic” or “Hispanic” and you’ll see why. I read that RNC Growth & Opportunity Project report. Again.  I’m more convinced than the first time that we must drop ethnic-based politics once and for all.

We are going to keep losing ground to the Democrats, and the Left, if we keep adopting their way of viewing the world. Most of the RNC report makes no sense for us because a genuine Republican is uncomfortable view people as racial pawns on a political chessboard. The latter is elitist. Everything that we are not.

As Jay Nordlinger said yesterday on NRO, he does not “give a rip” about where one is from. He added: “we can just be Americans, or people. But that day seems a long way off, and perhaps never-arriving.” Maybe that day is now?

When I worked at the RNC we did a whole lot of micro-targeting of diverse voter groups. I thought it would work and helped do a lot of it. In hindsight, it was a mistake. We are having the same discussion today as more than a decade ago. On this subject, the RNC report results is not new. Just more of the same.

If the RNC wants to do something new and radically different that will pay dividends over the long-haul, drop the labels and focus on issue-driven advocacy. The new generation of politicos, folks in their teens and twenties really do not like it at all. As for us older farts, we can change.

And if a Democrat calls you a racist, call them on it. I used to work for a senior member of Congress who challenged then Representative, now Senator Bob Menendez on the House floor on this point. I was on the floor when Rep. Bill Thomas (R-Calif.) did so. You should have seen Menendez’s face.

Menendez was shocked that Thomas would challenge him on the same grounds as the Democrats constantly do to us. Unfortunately, words were stricken from the  record but the point was made. Menendez backed off and, to my knowledge, never tried it again. At least not with Thomas.

Labels are divisive. They balkanize the country and helps the Left and the Democratic Party — a movement that is devoid of ideas. Let them fuel a race and poverty war. We should be the party of ideas and freedom. We have a vision. What are we waiting to do to communicate it?


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