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Arlington’s $1,000,000 Bus Stop: County Big Spenders Get Their Way, Again

We reside Arlington County Virginia, likely one of the more liberal counties in the Commonwealth. Arlington is ranked as one of the top-20 cities where liberals would feel right at home. Politics aside though,  the quality of life here is very good. This is not because of the government, but the people.

Our neighbors our great. Schools and healthcare, generally top notch. With the possible exception of McClean, the commute to downtown D.C. cannot be beat. But this will end some day if we do not get a grip on the one problem child of the county: the Arlington County government.

The Arlington County Commission is controlled by liberal Democrats who, mostly, campaign as moderate Republicans and Democrats. One look at their voting record though and you’ll see, it is all tax and spend.  Most Arlingtonians are too busy to focus.

Besides maybe San Francisco, it is the one city in America where a $1 million bus stop would generate applause. Yes, you read right, a $1,000,000 George Washingtons to build a rain, snow, and sun shelter. It is things like this that make me want to move out of here. When you live in a one party county, you can do things like this and get away with it. If your a Republican with a conscience and try to challenge these people, your shown the door. Or worse.

And these County folks are publicly aggressive about their tax money. Consider the 4% “meal tax” you pay at any Arlington restaurant, that is added to your bill that also includes a 5% sales tax. So just about 10% of your meal goes to funding the county. The county says that there are many proprietors are not paying the meal tax and the county is owed $1,000,000.

Rather than offer a tax cut and provide some tax relief to these businesses, the county mandarins get angry and, well, build a bus stop. The Country Treasurer accused these folks on camera of “embezzlement”. While I’m not condoning law breaking, this is what happens to you when you cross the county. What they should be doing is finding an offset, cutting taxes and programs, and allow businesses to hire more workers buy more products. But “offset” is a dirty word in Arlington County.

Why do we stay here?  Up until now, it has been mainly because of location and our great neighbors. But if the county government keeps this up, we may have to pack it up. Soon. This love of government and taxes will some day catch up with this region and ruin it.

P.S., We fly the yellow Gadsen flag — the Tea Party flag — every now and then at our place. We’ve had Democrats tell us they agree with us on tax issues. 

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