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RNC, Moderating our Agenda Makes No Sense

Maybe it is our South Florida upbringing, tempered by more than two decades now of Virginia common sense, but the folks I’ve worked with through the years in the GOP and Congress tend not to like to air our mistakes in public. Why give our political enemies ammunition? But for two people involved with the drafting of the RNC “autopsy,” I would have likely thrown it away,  not read it.  Overall it makes for a good read. There are more good suggestions than bad ones.

But why did the RNC hand a rhetorical playbook to our political enemies that validates just about every the Democrats and the Left say about us? And herein is my one big criticism of the of the RNC report.  It involves the erroneous assumption-laden arguments that it appears to have been based upon.  The GOP I know is not one of “stuffy old men” or one of “scary” people who do not know us well. There are many more. Not sure what circles RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has been dealing with all this time. This sounds more like what the Democrats and the Left says about our Party.

We must keep growing our ranks; however,  moderating our agenda makes absolutely no sense. It will only help the Left and the Democrats.  For example, who says we need comprehensive immigration reform? Democrats, leftist groups, and other anti-Republican forces. We do not comprehensive immigration reform. And, as for the politics, this voter group is mostly in the Democratic camp, and it will be for some time.

The big test of what the RNC is planning will come in a few weeks or months. It involves vision. This is a center-right, God-fearing, free market capitalistic nation. That we stumble with messaging every now and then, sure. However, there is a war on that is fueled by radicals on the Left. The mission is to misinform voters and create a squishy middle. They need the squishy middle. We do not.

I grew up with a GOP that fought in every level possible, community, local, state, federal and, yes, international. It was a take no prisoners party that defended American values. We are becoming an apologetic group of whiners. Fortunately there are many future leaders that are seeking to take back the GOP from this politically flaccid lot. There are many more of us than there are of them.

  • John Flores

    You speak truth, Jason. You know me as a life-long Republican. I see/read/hear things like this from the RNC and wonder, why? The so-called “autopsy” may be triggering the slow death our party is destined for. I pray not.

  • John, the battle for the future of the GOP is out here and not with the RNC. There are some good people working there who have been around a long time. They are trying to make a difference, but, they need help from like-minded folks around the nation.

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