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Pope Francis & Fools

123849890_Bergoglio_394211cBarely elected as the new leader of the Catholic Church, the jokes and illl humor started. It reminded me of this line from Proverbs, “A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.”

Come to think of it, the verse also reminds me of Washington, DC and our political system these days. They talk so much, but say or do so little. And the little they do they do poorly.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to this Papacy.  George Weigel describes him as a life-long “reformer” but a simple man that can put the Church on the road to a future evangelization. Pope Francis is an interesting choice for our times. Here is Weigel’s first of likely many posts on the subject.

As for the fools? They’ve always been here. Always will be. Look no farther than the video clip embedded in this post. The reporter leads with sensational and, yes, foolish questions.

Catholicism and Christianity in general has been under attack by intellectual light weights, and other fools, since time immemorial. Look no father than the moral decay of Western Europe and its dependency on pseudo-Marxist belief systems. It is no coincidence that it is suffering economically. And it will be so for some time to come.

The Catholic Church is not perfect. What institution of man is? But there is a lot more good than bad. Rather than relying on the media, take some time to learn about her mission. It appears that Pope Francis will show the world what Christianity is all about, one person, one community at at time.

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