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Reach of Economic Sanctions, Depends on the Target

There is an interesting post this morning over at the Mr. Watchlist blog asking , Are [economic] sanctions truly international? The U.S. has led the way throughout many decades to make economic sanctions and export controls effective tools in the foreign policy arena. The same holds for the FCPA.

In some cases, the sanctions can and should be multilateral in focus. But when needed, the U.S. can and should go at it alone. Export controls and economic sanctions are like taxes, people do not like them but they are here to stay. We’ve been using them in some form or another since before the founding of our great Republic.

If you would like to read a remarkably well-done doctoral dissertation in defense of economic sanctions, I recommend this one: The Viability of Sanctions as Effective Foreign Policy Tools: The Case of Iran and Syria.  OK, it was penned by Dr. Yleem Poblete (yes, we are related, but, she’s quoted by fellow scholars). And, besides, it really is a great read on the material.

Read Mr. Watchlist’s post and tell him what you think.

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