Left? Right? Like Washington these days, a lot of hot air comes out from beneath NYC streets.

Left? Right? Like Washington these days, a lot of hot air comes out from beneath NYC streets. In NY is serves a purposes. In DC, it makes you want to turn off the television. Photo Credit: Jason I. Poblete

If you’ve been to New York City, you more than likely have seen the orange and white steam stacks located in the streets and sidewalks throughout the city. If not,  please write and tell me what captivated your attention so intently.

Manhattan has a huge underground steam delivery system. It is used for heating and cooling businesses and homes, even sterilizing surgical instruments. New York built its first steam generation plant in 1882. Today it is the largest steam system in the world.

The vapor or steam surfacing from underground labyrinth of tubes is the result of water dripping on hot surfaces or leaks from the system itself. The stacks or street “chimneys” are there for safety. The stuff coming out of the stack is hot and can obstruct traffic.

The stack pictured in this photo reminded me a bit of federal politics these days. You really cannot ignore it, the political bloviating. It is obviously there. Like those barricades they will get in your face, literally, if you let them. You can go right, left, or you can simply drive around the “hot air” and go forward. I’m not saying the middle is any good either. Quite the opposite. Make a choice folks and lead.

And hot air issues are not limited to federal politics. Right here in Virginia we have issues as well. The recent tax hike two-step that my political party has created — eliminate one tax, to be replaced with hundreds of small taxes — is a good example of politicians failing to take a stand on an issue. A majority of non-politically active Virginians do not want tax increases, nor more power bestowed on local politicians to raise them. They will raise them. Let’s hope this deal is nixed soon because, if not, we’re all going to get burned.




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