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Argo, Must Watch If You Were Born After 1985

Yleem and I recently saw the film Argo. I had already read the book and did not want a movie to disappoint. You should really read the book; however, you should also see the movie as well (especially if you were born after 1985). After what happened to the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi last year, more so.

While parts of the intial story line leading up to the extraction made us cringe a bit (e.g., the moral equivalency, the short narrative history of Iran and the U.S.’s role in it), it is a great accounting of things and people that make this country great. I hope there are many folks in government service today like Tony Mendez. We may never know about their work and sacrifices. So it is good when a story like this one can be shared by the folks who lived it.

I  recently read an interview that Tony Mendez did with NBC Latino. Even though he technically could be labeled a Hispanic or Latino, he says that “I’m not a Hispanic”. I wish someone in the Republican Party had the guts to say that too. I have no idea, and the interview does not say, if Mendez meant his response as a political statement. Doubtful that he did.

Hyphenated politics is bad for our country and, as a Republican, bad for our party. It seems to be all the rage lately though. I think my folks will stumble with it. We should run and avoid it. What does any of this have to do with the movie? Nothing really. Just wanted to share. Good policy makes for good politics, no matter what your ethnic heritage happens to be. Let the other party play the divisive race war.

Movies like Argo are a clear example that we,  Americans, have many good things to live for and share with the rest of the world. We should be focusing on those things that unite us.




asMerriam-Webster: as definition: to the same degree or amount.

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