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Enjoy the Inauguration, Really.

Another inauguration weekend. Many of my Republican friends have left the area. They are avoiding the tourists and the throngs of Obama Administration supporters that are gathering to celebrate four more years. Some, well, some are just bitter that Romney lost.

Alright. I wish the other guy had one. However, I enjoy the ceremony of politics just about as much as politics itself. A lot of history is made these next few days. And there is a role for Republicans.

Republicans control the House, for starters. Under our Constitution, the Speaker of the House is the third most powerful elected official in the country. What is he going to do? Skip it? The GOP Vice Presidential nominee, Rep. Paul Ryan will be there. As he should. Republicans need to be there. They need to make some show of force. A reminder.

Inaugurations are a time of national renewal. A peaceful transfer of power, or continuation of power. The President takes his oath, not at the White House, but on the steps of the U.S. Capitol — the people’s house. It really is a a great moment.

As for the President’s swearing in, unlike his first swearing in ceremony, he owns the past four years. No blaming the Congress. The Democrats controlled it the first two years of his Administration. No more blaming President Bush. If he continues the blame game, well, they did not learn much about governing the past four years.

I doubt I will agree with just about anything President Obama says in his address. His vision for America, and the role of the federal government in it, are not an uplifting vision for the future. Nor is it viable. But for one day, he will have the national stage. He earned it. And he can say anything he wants to.

The President should enjoy the next few days as much as he can. The GOP is ready for political battle.  The party is ready for it. I think the Obama Administration realizes that the next few months are going to be very challenging for them. I’m looking forward to it.

In the spirit of the occasion, here is a video of the U.S. Air Force Band and Honor Guard at an inaugural rehearsal:

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