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Guest Dispatch: Deal Or No Deal?

This week’s Guest Dispatch post comes from Arthur Freyre, an attorney and conservative activist in South Florida. Next week the 112th Congress will tackle its last item of legislative business, finding a solution to the fiscal cliff that, if there is no agreement between the political parties, will result in mandatory federal budget spending cuts and tax increases. Stay tuned. No matter the outcome, expect this debate to continue throughout 2013.

Deal Or No Deal?  

Arthur Freyre, Esq.

As we get closer to the New Year, the pending fiscal cliff is on everyone’s mind.  My last post made reference to an article by Keith Hennessey’s blog a couple of weeks ago.  A link to his blog post is found here.   As the days become hours and hours eventually become minutes, I am more convinced that the Democrats have more to lose in this matter than Republicans.

The primary reason is that this is their economy, now.  They realize that they have a short window to show the American people that they can get this economy going.  To use a football analogy, no one has ever won NFL Executive of the Year when their team consistently drafts in the top 5 year in and year out.    If they can’t get this economy going in the next two years, many of them can kiss their political careers goodbye.  Let me give you two examples of this concern.

The first example is that 17 Democrat Senators have petitioned the Obama administration a delay in implementing the medical device tax that is part of the Affordable Healthcare Act. Their argument is that this tax will hurt medical device plants in their states.  Specifically, they are concerned about the additional loss of jobs in these businesses, resulting in the increase of taxes.  Senators requesting this delay include Harry Reid, Al Franken, and Bob Casey.  These are not blue dog democrats.  These were the same people who preached class envy-“The rich is exploiting you.”  If there is no deal, to paraphrase Rev. Jeremiah Wright, “The chickens are coming home to roost” and the Democrats know it.

The second example involves CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo and Sen. Benjamin Cardin of Maryland (interview here).  Sen. Cardin tries to use the typical Democrat’s talking point.  But Ms. Bartiromo rebuts by asking the Senator if he is ready to close certain loopholes.  The Senator refused to say whether or not he would agree that certain loopholes needed to be closed.   Ms. Bartiromo’s subsequent frustration with Congress and with the Senator is an example of the frustration that is building up in this country.  People are demanding leadership and they are about to realize that this is something that the Congress and the President is lacking.

To continually blame the economic conditions four years after President Bush left office will give the voters the impression that Democrats are incompetent or liars.  If Congressional Republicans are smart and play their cards right, they should not consider any serious proposal so long as there are actual spending cuts, not promised cuts.

When Democrats start blaming Republicans for this mess, Republicans can turn round and remind them and the American voters that Democrats promised to fix this economy.  It was their promises that this nation voted for.  It is time for leadership and for them to implement their policies and programs.  As Lee Iacocca once said, “You have to lead, follow, or get out of the way.”  It is time for the Democrats to do the same.

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