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Petraeus Stories Covering Up What Seems Like an Agency Turf War, Vendetta

Tired of the Petraeus scandal media barrage yet? Of all that has been released to date, and folks this seems to be the tip of the iceberg, the most striking issue has been the timing. The story, still taking shape, seems to have all the elements of an inside the beltway vendetta by one of the executive branch agencies. It’s too early too tell, but it may just be an agency turf war.

Whatever has been released from this political Pandora’s box, it has ruined the career of an exemplary leader who has made his country his life. I hope it is just about a personal indiscretion. But the President accepted the resignation so I suspect there are larger equities at play here that we may never know about.

What an odd way for a new President to celebrate his re-election? No sooner does he learn that he wins and this story begins. That is the way of this town. I’m curious to see the Congressional reaction that, with a few exceptions, has been muted. Frankly we may never know the complete story about what happened. But do I really want to know what the general was doing on his private time?

I hope our political leader do more than what the mainstream media has been doing, waxing on and on conspiracy theories about Benghazi, is irresponsible and will destroy the credibility of the investigation that must be completed, cheapen it with some tawdry personal story about what people do on their personal time.

Four Americans in Libya were killed because someone, or some group of government officials, failed to do the right thing. It may or may be not linked to this new matter. Or this could prove to be a whole new scandal independent of Libya that involves other national security equities.  That should be the focus of the Congressional oversight process. The rest of it, the personal peccadilloes (which could prove to be an issue for people with security clearances) and the related stories are a political sideshow.

Update (7:45 p.m., 13 Nov) — the more I read about this, starting to think someone, or a group of folks, are trying to hide something. I doubt they will succeed. 

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