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Sam Zell: Class Warfare, And He Thinks A Recession Is Coming

I always learn something new when listening to Sam Zell — a self made and very successful entrepreneur. In his latest CNBC appearance, Zell talks about the many challenges that lay ahead for our country. It’s not Libya, or terrorism, or things that the mainstream media tries to obsess on these days. These are, no doubt issues of vital importance. However, there is a much more pressing matter that needs our immediate attention: the economy.

In his latest interview, Zell talks about the many tough economic and policy decisions that must be made soon by the federal government. It’s always good for folks in this fair city to listen to people who’ve made it, the old fashion way, hard work. And there are very powerful people in this town who understand that, but, they have a different vision for America.

I am convinced that there are people in our political class — namely in the Left — who desire to create a permanent and economically dependent class of people. The best weapon we have to combat these forces is the truth that no one wants or likes to be poor. Liberals know that which is what makes their thinking so diabolical.

For the first time in decades, we have a real opportunity to fundamentally remake the federal government. A massive devolution of power from Washington to the states and the people. It needs to me smaller. It needs to regulate less. Or, we can keep going the other way. And that is not good for anyone.

  • arthur freyre

    It is called trickle down government. Unfortunately, we have Republicans in Congress that believe in the same thing as well.

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