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What the American Left and Liberals Fear Most

The Republican and Democratic conventions kicked off the unofficial high season of American politics. For political and news junkies its nirvana for a few weeks. It culminates with the election of a new President and Congress on November 6, 2012. Anyhow, I wanted to share with you a story on a recent conversation in this great city.

If anyone ever tells you that politics is off topic in official Washington, that person may not be your best source of information. With the diplomatic corp, this is all they seem to want to talk about during this time of the year.

I was recently asked by a European Ambassador, who knows I am a conservative and Republican, what was it  that the American Left, Liberals, and Democrats fear most? I had never really given it much thought, but the answer I gave him struck a chord with a few Democrats in the group. They were without speech.

No one likes to be poor or struggling economically. No one likes to be on welfare or depend on the government for healthcare. Quite the opposite. The American Left and Liberals push programs that will keep people that way, dependent, poor, and struggling. The thing that the American Left and Liberals, and some Democrats from that ideological beat, fear the most is the obvious: that their primary voter base learns the truth.

The European Ambassador studied my response, quietly. He then responds, Europeans know this and are scared that it may be too late. To which I responded, it is never too late for freedom will always win. Just need to work at it some more and wake folks up. The Left is very worried Obama will lose in November. They should be.


  • Arthur Freyre

    Agreed. The problem with Republicans is that they are afraid to use the words such as “dependency and slavery.” When Joe Biden said, “They would keep you in chains.” Republicans should have responded, “They mean Democrats and their policies.”

  • There are some Republicans that do so. And even more so after November 6, 2012.

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