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Innocence of Muslims Did Not Spark Recent Violence, Radical Islamists Did

The death of four Americans Libya is a difficult chapter in the long road ahead.  These were good people. They were trying to make a small sliver of the world a better place for the Libyans and North Africans. Their killings will only strengthen American resolve to do better, pick up the pieces, and start anew.

Innocence of Muslims, an irreverent and, at times, sophomoric film on Islam’s founder, did not spark these incidents. The Obama Administration should stop the apologies and excuses on this point. Foreign policy by self-flagellation is uncalled for and weakens American leadership around the world. It also weakens our country.

Protesters destroy an American flag pulled down from the U.S. embassy in Cairo, Egypt, Sept. 11, 2012. Mohammed Abu Zaid/AP Photo

This recent spate of hooliganism and seemingly coordinated attack against U.S. interests, and there will be more of it for many years to come, is a clarion call to the free world. Much remains to be done to tame radical Islamist extremism by state and non-state actors throughout the world. Hate for America and freedom fueled this violence, not some movie.

Opponents of U.S. policy in the Middle East and North Africa will always seek to place blame on us for these type of events. And, to a certain point, the Obama Administration’s disheveled foreign policy is to blame for a lot of it. If we continue to project weakness, these insidious actors on the global scene, supported by non-state and state actors such as Iran, will continue to test American resolve.

Throwing sand on the First Amendment, rather than focusing on the true nature of the problem, was a poor response by the Obama team. The President should have been unapologetic and focused on bringing to justice the people that killed our diplomats and Marines, desecrated our flag, and destroyed our embassy.

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