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Cuba Travel, Political Voyeurism

There is more reporting today on Cuba people-to-people travel enforcement by the U.S. Government. The reality is that genuine people-to-people travel is licensable, but it has been abused by some as a back door for tourism travel that is currently not authorized under the regulations.

Technically, I do not even need to apply for license. I have family in Cuba, some that I have never even visited. I have no interest in visiting Cuba so long as the current regime is in power. And I have never been sure why so many people want to visit. It is political voyeurism, I think. Most of the time people do not really know any better.

Through the years a lot of people have come to me for legal advice because they broke U.S. law with regards to visiting and spending money Cuba. Mostly they received bad legal advice before visiting. A majority tell me that they wish they not visited. It is sad place. They say that the Cuban people are great, but the atmosphere and government officials, poison.

Even if I tried, the regime will not allow me to visit because of my stance on Communism and what that government has done to the island. No on in my family ever returned, ever. They never sent one red American cent or remittance. Never sent so much as a single aspirin. Too much to explain on this post. Maybe I will do so some day. There are many posts on this site related to this issue. Feel free to look around.

Some day, hopefully soon, freedom will allow folks from all over the world to more easily visit a country not controlled by despots. For now Treasury’s OFAC has a job to do. We can complain. We can whine about it. It does not change a thing about current law — a reasonable restriction given what Cuba has done, and continues to do, to this country, Americans, as well as the Cuban people.

Advocates of Cuba travel argue they have an unfettered constitutional right to travel freely to the island. The law says different. As it should. Read The Miami Herald story on Cuba travel, here.

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