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Dave Barry’s Prediction for the Next Four Years

Where will the nation be in the next four years? According to Dave Barry’s latest:

[T]he conventions are over. We won’t go through this again for another four years. And we have no way of knowing where the nation will be then. No, wait, we do: the toilet. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some football.

Barry is always a good read, even when he takes a turn down under. Humor and satire in politics necessary. At times even cathartic. I enjoy reading Barry articles partly because I grew in South Florida, Miami, Florida. And he really does understand our people:

Miami loves to party. We party to celebrate when something good happens, such as winning the World Series, which we do, like clockwork, every six years. When something bad happens, we party to cheer ourselves up. When nothing is happening, we party because we are bored. If Fidel ever dies, Miami will not regain consciousness for decades.

I’ll admit, folks in these parts can be a little paranoid. The media and political opponents lurking about, waiting for any nugget to be saved and used against them, or so people think.  Have you ever seen a political talking head or television host crack a laugh or a smile?  A guffaw?

Washington, DC could use a little fiesta every now and then. At times, a lot more humor. And to a certain degree, while it does happen every now and then in official, political Washington, it could use some more. People may take them a little more seriously.

Have a great weekend.

Read Barry’s latest piece, it is funny.

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