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Cuban Regime Imposes Steep Customs Tax on Tourists, Cuban-Americans

The Obama Administration should take note, again, that the Cuban regime is not interested in reforming the system. The regime’s custom “fee” is more like a regime survival tax. It will teach folks who travel to Cuba to visit family, in a dramatic fashion, why the regime wants Americans to travel to the island: its only money to them, not people-to-people contact.

It is because of this travel, as well as our remittance policy and Venezuelan oil, that the regime has largely managed to cling to power so far beyond its Sell-By Date. There should be no travel at all by Americans, including Cuban-Americans to Cuba, so long as the regime remains in power. Harsh? Maybe, but it will be effective. Stop the travel, stops the money. Stop the money, well, connect the dots … do that, we’ll all be traveling to a free Cuba within the year. In reality this may be impossible.

To folks who believe that there is an embargo in place you should think again. U.S. exports to the island continue to reach record levels under the Obama Administration. In addition to food, medicine, and telecommunications equipment and services, Americans are now able to export many consumer goods such as washing machines, television sets, and auto parts these days.

Read more about the Cuban Custom’s Tax here.

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