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Cuba Builds Potemkin Village, Pretend Capitalism

And the Miami Herald Ignores Reality

As usual, this Miami Herald article seems more like a translation from Granma, the communist party newspaper, then a new report with both sides of the story. So long as Cuba remains under Communist rule, there can be no private jobs or enterprise on that island. Just read the Cuban Constitution, their laws and regulations. It is a Potemkin Village, at best.

President Raul Castro announced his intention to slim down government and expand private economic activity to absorb layoffs. Authorities relaxed rules on private businesses, approved a number of new areas where Cubans can seek licenses to work independently and increasingly began handing over fallow state-owned land to independent farmers and cooperatives.

The Miami Herald can do better than reposting a wire story. That regime, unlike the China (and the jury is still out on this one), cannot be reformed from within. If your a communist party official, well, then you own the means of production and that is another story. I’ve posted on this before and will do so again soon.

Even e-mail is now coming under even more stronger controls. As the United States liberalized the export of telecommunications equipment to the regime a few years ago, the Communist Party is now starting to impose stricter Internet controls to keep out undesirable information. Sounds familiar (Google/China)?

Read the entire Miami Herald article here.

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