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Democrat Machine Panics

The Democrats are spinning this morning that Congressman Paul Ryan will not be in Florida today because of his stance on Medicare. Is that the best they can do?

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in Norfolk Virginia this past weekend.

In Congressman Paul Ryan we finally have someone running for national office who can explain, in plain English, why we must make tough choices on entitlement spending and the federal debt. During tough economic times, this is not a national conversation that the Democrats relish.

With regards to Medicare, no one age 55 or older will see any changes whatsoever. None. Nada. These folks will be able to tap the system as they have been doing already. The Democrats are lying about this, of course. They need to because they know the system is broken and they have no viable solutions to save it.

How will this translate politically during the 2012 campaigns? Watch the video below. It was recently prepared by the National Republican Congressional Committee and explains how we won the senior vote in the Nevada 2 Congressional seat. It is simple message and it works, ObamaCare cuts Medicare today.

Who knows how this election will turn out in November. At this point, Republicans like me do not really worry about that. With Paul Ryan we can finally start to have a serious discussion about the financial health of our bankrupt federal government. While the GOP has tried to communicate well on these issues, they also sidelined Ryan and other new generation thinkers and proposals. We need to get our own big tent in order and this is a good way to begin that process.

Republicans have always struggled with domestic entitlement spending issues because, at our core, we look to the individual, the private sector, and the family for solutions, not governments. This has resulted in the  false stereotype that we are cold folk, not sensitive to the plight of individuals and families struggling to make ends meet or dealing with the many other challenges tossed our way daily. In Ryan, and a new generation of Republican, you’ll see a different approach in style and substance.

Even on foreign policy and national security will pose challenges to the Democrats with this Republican ticket. The foreign policy establishment is already starting to crow.  Yet as Budget Committee Chairman, as well as a member of the Ways & Means Committee that handles trade issues, Ryan is one of handful of leaders who understand very well the foreign policy and defense spending process.

Ryan may not have several passports full of travel, but President Obama did not either when he became President. I’d argue Ryan has more foreign policy knowledge than Obama has ever had, to this day. Ryan is a very quick study. With what he knows, and what he will learn between now and the Vice Presidential debates, he will likely give the Vice President a debate to remember on this subject matter.

To our Democratic and liberal friends, Ryan will be in Florida later this week. The crowds will be big and Medicare on the agenda.

The NRCC Nevada 2 backgrounder:

Excerpt from a Rep. Paul Ryan speech at Georgetown University discussing Medicare:

Pre-VP Nomination Rep. Paul Ryan video, The Path to Prosperity: A Blueprint for American Renewal:




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