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Congratulations to NASA, USA

One of the first images from the NASA Curiosity Rover should remind all of us of the ability of folks to do great things. Kudos to the folks at NASA for making it so.

Every time NASA, yes NASA, not the Ruskies or the Chinese, accomplish a feat such as this one it reminds me of watching, in person, one of the early space shuttle launches at Cape Canaveral Florida.

The long-term benefits of outer space exploration are incalculable from a national economic, military, and scientific standpoint. As such, we should be investing a lot more money in it. It is one of the few areas of the federal budget where we should be increasing federal funding, not decreasing it.

With the right American-led effort (and maybe some European support if they can get their economic house in order), someday, humans will once again land on faraway places and planets.  It would be something to be around to see it and participate in that process.



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