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Americans Love a Good Fight, Even Political Ones

Want to know what is going to happen in the 2012 election? Stand in line. No one really knows. The political professionals who do this for a living, are in high season. They will do what they do best and fight for win until the very end.

The political convention season beckons. The Republicans head for Tampa, while the Democrats will celebrate in North Carolina. Speeches, tacky hats, good food, and music.  I’ve attended every GOP convention since 1992. Despite what the critics says about them, they are a lot fun.

Was Barack Obama lying in 2008 or 2012 about his vision of America? Will Mitt Romney’s tax history come back to haunt him? Flash mobs are even making a cameo appearance in the political process this go around. And what about the local races?

Here in Virginia, there still remains a certain civility to the political process when compared, say, to South Florida. In Miami, there is a Congressional race where both sides are accusing one another of some pretty horrible things.

Admit it. Most Americans enjoy watching, and in some cases, participating in the heat of political battle. It is one long football game or boxing match. If the parties and candidates play by the rules, not hit below the belt all too much, folks will be watching.

For a change of pace from politics, you may want to read this piece in the Daily Caller: USDA partnering with Mexico to boost food stamp participation. You read that right, Mexico.

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