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Spain’s Left Unleashes the Political Dogs

Protestors in Madrid's Plaza del Sol. Not sure what this fellow is upset about. Maybe one beer to many? Photo Credit: Henry Pollack
Protestors in Madrid’s Plaza del Sol. Not sure what this fellow is upset about. Maybe one sangria too many? Photo Credit: true owner e-mail me and we will hyperlink to your site.

After living high on the federal hog, Spain’s Left is upset. Very upset. They see it all slipping away and they are doing something very French, and irrational, taking to the streets to make their point.

Spain’s conservative government announced yesterday a painful, $65 billion worth of spending cuts and tax hikes. It is their latest round of fiscal measures to try and make a dent on the massive budget deficit.

The deficit was mainly created by Spain’s Socialist Party and other Leftist leaders.  For years the Left denied there was a problem. The conservative Popular Party (PP) could have done more through the years to check the left, but under Spain’s parliamentary system and convoluted political landscape it is tough to do. Now the Left and the Socialists see it all starting to slip away, the government largesse, the government programs, in short, the dependency state.

There is a lesson in this for the United States. What Europe is going through we can avoid. Some experts think it too late. I disagree. While ObamaCare has been a significant defeat, it can be turned around. Take more time to learn about what our political leaders are saying beyond the sound bite.

America’s Left is stronger, but still very weak. The Occupy Movement was a failure. It tried to do what Spain and other European Leftists have unleashed the last few years: street justice. What it cannot get through the legal processes, they take to the streets and scare leaders to act. Whether they like it or not, these folks find a home in the Democratic party.

The entire Democratic Party is not the problem; however, the Left wing currently controls it and that is an issue. We’re not used to talking this way about the Democrats, but we must. For example, ObamaCare is a threat to our well being as a nation. It puts in motion policy and regulatory regimes that will impact beyond healthcare.

These folks need to be held accountable in November and voted out of office. That includes the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. After that, the real political fun begins. It may get a lot more tense, but with political leaders from both political parties focused on moving us away from socialist experiments such as ObamaCare, we’ll be back on track.



  • I am in Spain right now, as this happens. Mr. Poblete’s account is dead on. You can spot these agitators at every rally, throwing rocks at police, pushing there way through hoping to cause blood shed on the streets. None of the arrested on Weds were even miners, local papers use this euphemism to white wash the agitators …”anarchists”, it’s quite obviously meant to keep it cryptic, but Jason knows who they are. He is dead on, correct. He can see more clearly from half way around the world, than those here.

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